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08 Aug 2010

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RV Trip to Vancouver Island

So we are on our way to the West Coast – except we were tired of that old RV and had to get something bigger. So we got an Airbus 319. Well, Air Canada is letting us have the use of it for an hour or so.
Actually, with all the Lancaster visit business, we just got too pressed for time to be able to drive comfortably, so we are flying to Vancouver and renting a car. We’ll be at Thetis this afternoon.

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20 Jun 2010

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Father & Son Roadtrip

Steven turned 13 this past week and so I decided that the two of us should take a little roadtrip to mark the occasion. So, after a pancake breakfast at home yesterday, we jumped into the van and headed for the Highwood. After a week of rain, Saturday was a transition day – some sun, some clouds and some rain. Our plans to do some hiking fell apart as there was a big 100 mile relay run going on along Highway 40 and there were hundreds of people parked along the road and every trailhead lot was jammed. Normally you need to keep an eye out for mountain goats, which can be quite unpredictable – but people seem to have even less road sense!

We had a nice supper in Canmore then checked into our hotel and spent over 2 hours in the pool. This morning we just finished breakfast and will go for a swim before checking out. After that, who knows? There is a street fair in town today or maybe we will do a little hiking – it’s a fine day and we don’t have to be home til dark!

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15 May 2010

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Had a chance to play with one of the new iPads today. My nephew, Ethan, who is 12 is the first person I know to get an iPad. And he got it out of the US three weeks before the Canadian release date. Pretty cool!

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26 Mar 2010

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Ginger Beef

Tonight we headed out to celebrate my youngest brother’s birthday. Scott is 0x27 this year (that’s hexadecimal in case you’re not a geek – base 16 counting). We had a nice evening over Chinese food at the Ginger Beef restaurant.  We were joined by some cousins and went back to Gram and Gramps place for birthday cake afterwards.

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