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29 Apr 2009

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Kids movies

Now and then we take the kids to see a movie and, sometimes, they leave a little to be desired as grownup entertainment.  But sometimes, there are things about a kid’s movie that are really quite engaging  – though not likely in the way the director intended.

Yesterday we took the kids to see “Monsters vs. Aliens”, not the 3D version though – our free passes (thanks, Barry!) were only good for the regular strength version.  Every time the main bad guy, an alien named Gallaxhar, showed up I couldn’t help thinking that if the villian schtick doesn’t work for him, he could make a nice living selling ShamWow



That Gallaxhar has 4 crazy eyes, not just 2!

That’s gotta be good for business.

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11 Apr 2009

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Spring Hijinks

Spring Hijinks

Since the last post, Spring does seem to have arrived!  The snow has melted away like, well like snow under a warm Spring sun.  The kids have dug their bikes out of the shed and I’ve adjusted seat heights and training wheels to compensate for 6 months worth of growing.  The streets are still covered in gravel and the danger of road rash is ever-present, but obviously the thrill of two-wheeled freedom is sufficient to overcome the risk to life and limb.

The melting snow does provide wonderful opportunities to get wet and muddy and a child’s mind is ceaselessly searching for ways to obtain the maximum amount of enjoyment with the tools at hand.  In this case, a puddle in the gutter of the street, a bicycle with training wheels of exactly the right span to suspend the bike’s rear wheel in the water but not touching the pavement and a willing “victim” was enough to fill the bill!

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