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09 Jan 2010

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Princesses Come To Breakfast

Actually it’s two princesses and a unicorn…

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06 Jan 2010

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Dragged kickin’ and screamin’ …

…into the 90’s, or whenever cell phones became common-place.

After many years of procrastination, I finally have a cell phone. We’ve had a cell for about a dozen years, but I have only carried it around occasionally, under duress mostly. Brenda has always had the cell in the family. For the last year or so, Brenda’s had an iPhone – undeniably cool, but better yet, it has great features. Internet browsing, google maps, an MP3 player, calendar, email, lots of great applications plus all the cell phone bells and whistles.

During the run up to Christmas last year, there were a bunch of days where life would have been a lot easier if I’d had a cell. So we chatted about it and decide to pick up a second iPhone for me.

… and here I am blogging from it!

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