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27 Mar 2010

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We’ve got a little addition to the family for the weekend. We are looking after a miniature wire haired dachshund named Lacy. She belongs to a colleague of Dave’s who is away skiing this weekend. The kids are pretty happy to have a pup in the house – we are all enjoying having Lacy here.
Lacy is just a cute little lap dog. Tonight we all watched a movie together for family movie night and Lacy just perched on the back of the couch and had a nice little snooze.

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26 Mar 2010

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Ginger Beef

Tonight we headed out to celebrate my youngest brother’s birthday. Scott is 0x27 this year (that’s hexadecimal in case you’re not a geek – base 16 counting). We had a nice evening over Chinese food at the Ginger Beef restaurant.  We were joined by some cousins and went back to Gram and Gramps place for birthday cake afterwards.

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17 Mar 2010

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Happy St Paddy’s Day

We started the day with green waffles!  Thanks, Brenda.

Today is also the anniversary of the day that I started playing the license plate game, 7 years ago.  You might remember my post from last year where I described the rules.  This past year was a good year for spotting plates; I’ve seen 603 plates in order since I started the game.  In the past year that’s 103 plates, well above the long term average of the first 6 years of 83 plates per year.

That brings the new average rate since I began playing up to a little over 86 plates/year (7.2 plates per month) or 1  plate every 4.2 days. Unfortunately, it’s not consistent – sometimes I’ve seen several plates in a day and other times weeks will go by before I find the plate I’m looking for.

By the way, despite the Alberta government claiming that the ABC-123 format plate pool would be exhausted in summer 2009 and that ABC-1234 format plates would be out before 2010, I have not yet seen a plate in the new format.

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07 Mar 2010

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