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29 Dec 2011

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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!

Another Christmas season has arrived – each year it seems to sneak up a little more quickly than the last! We would like to wish each of you the best this Christmas season and hope that 2012 is a great year for you and your families. This year we returned to a more traditional Christmas – no trip to Mexico or other tropical destination for us. However, the +9 °C temperature on Christmas Day and the extremely mild weather during the last few weeks has been very nice.

2011 was another full-on adventure of a year with more job changes, visitors from overseas, family gatherings and the “regular” routines of school and home. The kids are growing as always and Steven is now taller than Brenda and will soon best me as well. He is 14 now and talking of getting his learner’s license after the winter.  Steven’s interests run strongly towards computers and, apart from the games, he is beginning to understand how to troubleshoot problems like when his PC video card failed a month or so ago. Steven worked his first paying job over the summer as the gift shop and admissions clerk at the Aero Space Museum for one day each week during his summer vacation. He now has some real savings and a bank account and debit card of his own. It was a good experience for him and taught him a few things about dealing with the public.
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22 Dec 2011

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Rubik’s Cube

It only took me about 30 years but I finally solved the Rubik’s cube that I got for Christmas back in 1980 or 1981. It’s not that it has never been solved before, several annoyingly bright people have solved it for me (or maybe it was showing off?). I’ve also cheated and pulled it apart and re-assembled it correctly a time or two. However, today I actually solved it.

I didn’t figure it out myself, exactly. I found a YouTube video that actually gave a sequence of algorithms to follow. It does bug me a bit that I don’t know why the algorithms work. Maybe over the holidays I’ll see if I can actually understand what is really going on…

Otherwise it will be back to the junk drawer for that toy for another 20 or 30 years!


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