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28 Jan 2008

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Ick. Winter has hit hard this week. Blowing snow, frigid temperatures and a nasty windchill. Really, we don’t have that much to complain about, -30 °C is just not that cold. We did spend 8 winters in Cold Lake where -30 was often a nice break, must be getting soft…

January hasn’t been all blustery and frosty though; Saturday was the last of quite a string of nice days before the weather turned and it was spectacular – sunny and about -5 °C. Steven and I got up early and met up with my brother Brian, then headed to Nakiska for a day of skiing. Steven has only skied a couple of times at the little hill on the outskirts of Calgary, so he started the day by taking a ski lesson. While he did that, Brian and I skied a few blue runs and I got a lesson on just how little I remember about how to ski, and don’t get me started about my wobbly legs. The last time I skied in the mountains must be 10 years ago.

After lunch with a one of Brian’s friends and his kids and one of my work colleagues and her husband; Steven and I headed for the green runs and did as many as we could fit in before the lifts closed for the day. Steven did really well and seems to have the bug for skiing and wants to go again as soon as possible. It might not be such a bad idea – maybe it would encourage me to get in shape!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures to post as the camera was missing in action on Saturday – you’ll just have to take my word for it, it was a fine day.

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08 Jan 2008

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Happy New Year

Best wishes to you all as we begin the new year. We are all back to our regular routines as of yesterday – at school or work or around the house. We had a great holiday with lots of full days of activity and visiting. We celebrated my brother-in-law Barry’s 40th birthday with a big LAN party on the 22nd with a bunch of guys and played some silly racing games on the computers, a little Carcassonne, watched a movie and ate a lot! On the 23rd, we followed up with a family party for Barry with all of the Langendoen side in attendance. We had a day to prepare for Christmas and then had my side of the family over on Christmas Day for turkey dinner.

After Christmas day, there was still lots going on, including taking the family to see a play, having folks over and going out too. New Year’s Eve was over at my folks place for dinner and a night of game playing including favourites like Boggle, Pit and Dutch Blitz. We had a mini LAN party on New Year’s Day and then a couple of down days to relax, just in time for me to catch a cold!

ps. I’ve built a little weather widget over on the sidebar so that those of you who are wondering what the weather is like at our place can wonder no more!

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