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20 Dec 2007

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Merry Christmas!!

The Blair’sThe Christmas season is upon us once again! For the kids, the wait has been interminable, yet for us adults it seems that December has returned all too soon. The months roll by quickly and the final days of 2007 are at hand. We hope that the year past has been a good one for you and wish you all the best this Christmas and for the New Year ahead.

2007 was a busy year, as they all are with a growing family. The biggest event of our year was the basement development at the beginning of the year. We managed to go from ill-organized storage space into a place for the family to really enjoy. We’ve got lots of room for entertaining and playing games and have even joined the 90’s with a home theater! Continue Reading »


16 Dec 2007

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We’re Back!

Well, that hurt!

programmer.jpgAfter a week of monkeying around with a server upgrade (thanks Mom & Dad), a WordPress upgrade and an inadequately thought out (in hindsight) decision to move the blog URL, this blog is back running! I’m positive that you’d be deeply impressed by the quantity of geekish knowledge that I’ve gained in the past few days. Next time I’ll maybe try to to do just one thing at at time – or not…

Thanks for your patience, now I need to get busy and do up the annual Christmas letter which will, of course, be a blog post (with pictures)!

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03 Dec 2007

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We just got back from a great little family getaway in the mountains. All of Brenda’s side of the family gathered together at a wonderful resort out near Dead Man’s Flats for the family Christmas gathering.

We decided, this year, to find a place where all of the cousins (12 of ’em), aunts, uncles and Opa and Oma could gather together and have lots of things to do and room to play. In previous year’s, we’ve held the family Christmas get-together on Christmas Eve at one of our homes, but the crowd is getting fairly large. Ronny and Carla knew about this resort in the mountains and said that it would be perfect for this year. They were right!
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