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14 Aug 2010

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Winging Our Way Home

We’ve had quite the good week away, great location to visit, great meals, great company a d great weather. After lunch on Friday, we left Thetis Island and went to visit some friends in Nanoose Bay, north of Nanaimo. We had a fine dinner with Keith and Pippa, former neighbors from Chestermere. Their daughter Meryl joined us as well. Meryl used to babysit our kids when she, and they, were younger.

We stayed overnight in Parksville and spent the morning visiting other friends that just moved there from Calgary. In the afternoon, we made our way back to Vancouver on the ferry and are now just about to take off to fly home.

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10 Aug 2010

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The Big One

This is the third year for our family to go to Thetis Island to one of Capernwray Harbour’s Holiday Bible Camps. This year we totally changed our mode of transportation and flew to Vancouver using Aeroplan points. We then rented a SUV (using Aeroplan points again), hopped on the ferry to Duke Point, drove to Chemanius, caught up with Opa and Oma and caught our second ferry but this time to Thetis Island. So what in the past has taken us three days, a couple nights in hotel, many kms in the confined space of a minivan, took only 10 hours. The kids still got to ride on the ferry and I was in a much better mental state.

Ok, so the Big One was not the trip out here. So, what was it? Capernwray has many activities but one that Alyssa looks forward to the most is to go Ocean fishing. The fishing trips are done on a lottery system because there are only 8 spots and with over 100 guests the chances are pretty slim to get your name picked. Well in typical Langendoen (my maiden name) fashion for the past 3 years we have managed to get our names picked to go fishing. The first year, Alyssa and I went, the second year, Dave and Mark went and this year, Alyssa and I got to go again.

At 6:00am this morning Alyssa and I assembled all the necessary fishing gear – snacks, fashionable hat, camera (charged and with lots of memory), lucky fishing dress and last but not least we sent our chai wallah (Dave) to go and get us coffee and hot chocolate.
We were ready!! After a 20 minute ride in the fishing boat it was time to drop our lines. This being Alyssa’s second time she demonstrated the pro that she was and first caught a rock cod (which waved at us with spiky fins), then a greenling, then a sea cucumber, and then to finish the trip off Alyssa caught the Big One! A Ling Cod that was easily over 5 lbs. Still not quite big enough to keep but pretty impressive all the same.

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08 Aug 2010

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RV Trip to Vancouver Island

So we are on our way to the West Coast – except we were tired of that old RV and had to get something bigger. So we got an Airbus 319. Well, Air Canada is letting us have the use of it for an hour or so.
Actually, with all the Lancaster visit business, we just got too pressed for time to be able to drive comfortably, so we are flying to Vancouver and renting a car. We’ll be at Thetis this afternoon.

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06 Aug 2010

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Lancaster Tour

In my earlier post, I mentioned that Brenda’s work at the Aerospace Museum of Calgary this summer has revolved largely around the preparations for the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum’s (CWHM) Lancaster bomber western tour. On Tuesday, when the Lanc arrived in Calgary, there was a reception for the CWHM crew and local dignitaries as well as a number of veterans. Once Brenda’s duties at the door were complete, I joined her and we spent the pleasant summer’s evening chatting with some of the staff and volunteers from Hamilton and touring through the Lancaster.

There were only about 150 or so in attendance at the reception, so there was plenty of opportunity to spend a bit of time in the aircraft, the CWHM personnel were unfailingly pleasant and knowledgeable and more than willing to answer any and all questions. They even put up with Brenda’s cheekiness! (Go ahead, ask Brenda how to tell the difference between a Canadian-built Lancaster and a British-built one.)

It was quite the fine evening and a rare chance to have a really good look at one of only two remaining airworthy, operational Lancasters in the world. Although the Mynarski Lanc is a museum piece, the fact that it is actively used and flown lends realism to the historical artifact – it smells of fuel and hydraulic oil. And, as we discovered today when the Lanc overflew our house, the sound of those four roaring engines is unlike any other aircraft today. The sense of history is profound when you consider the 10’s of thousands of young men that risked or gave up their lives in Lancasters.

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