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30 Jul 2012

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Thetis Island

We have stopped driving around, finally. We got to Capernwray yesterday in time for dinner and after getting settled, we all crashed and slept a solid 9 hours – just about missed breakfast!

Today wasn’t quite as relaxing as it could have been. After lunch I had an hour long job interview over the phone. I think that it went OK, but it is hard to tell. I’m hoping to hear back as soon as tomorrow. It needed to be done, but did cut into swimming time with the kids.
This evening, all the kids have their own activities and Brenda I and have taken a walk down to the local marina. It’s very picturesque and the evening. It’s sunny and warm. It’s starting to feel like a vacation now.



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29 Jul 2012

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Ocean Pointe

We are living the high life today at the posh Delta hotel in Victoria. There is great view across the harbour – the parliament buildings and the Empress and the rest of the waterfront.
Last night after an hour swimming in the pool with the kids, we got them settled in the room watching a movie. Brenda and I then headed to the lounge and had a late night pizza with a great view of the harbour all a-twinkle with lights. We got back just as the kid’s movie ended and we all just crashed after the long day (we had started out in Golden).
This morning we woke to the sun streaming into the room through the big dormer window. After a lazy start and a light breakfast, I took the kids to the pool for an hour’s swimming while I sat in the sun and read the paper.
We left Victoria around noon and did a little sightseeing on our way to Chemainus. Right now, we are on the ferry to Thetis, looking forward to five days of relaxing with no more responsibilities than to remember to show up for meals!






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28 Jul 2012

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Holiday Time

Summer vacation time! We picked up Steven yesterday in Nordegg after a week of mountain bike camp. Last night we were in Golden and have spent the day today driving. We are on the ferry to Victoria now and will be overnight at the Delta Ocean Pointe on Victoria Harbour. Tomorrow afternoon we head to Thetis Island for a relaxing week at Capernwray Harbour.




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20 Jul 2012

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Unfortunate Source

How’s this for unintended consequences?

Sometimes a human really should be somewhere in the loop. This is obviously just an automated news aggregator pulling headline and source data and plopping the result into the facebook news feed, but “Yahoo!” is simply the wrong thing to put after that headline.

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