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14 Aug 2012

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Supper is never boring in the Blair house. Especially when the main purpose of food seems to be entertainment and not nutrition. Being a rainy, blustery day meant Lipton soup and melted cheese on stonewheat crackers. The kids are into stacking their food these days. Pancakes, sandwiches, burgers, crackers… Of course it isn’t really the stacking that is the main source of fun. It’s seeing whose mouth opens the widest and who can fit the highest amount of food. In this case Alyssa won by a beak. QUACK! Crack!


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03 Aug 2012

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Water Rockets

The kids each made water rockets out of 2L pop bottles as craft projects at Caperwray this week. We spent the hour after lunch constructing, painting and decorating the rockets each of the last three days. After supper this evening, it was time to launch the creations to see whose rocket could fly the furthest.
The launchers were a clever friction-fit arrangement that twisted into the base of the rocket. The rockets were pressurized using a heavy-duty bicycle pump. Surprisingly, the rockets would pressurize to over 140 psi before overcoming the friction of the launch tube.
Once they let loose they would really fly – Alyssa’s rocket was in the first launch and landed a good 400 m down range! Mark’s went almost as far, but Steven’s bottle had a flaw and blew apart on the launch pad.
Alyssa made the finals and her second shot went almost as far – she won $3.00 to spend at the Pump House (the little tuck shop) on candy. She was pretty pleased.
All the piccies are on the camera, once I get a chance to up load them to the iPad, I’ll add them to this post.

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