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21 May 2017

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Steven’s Graduation

A couple of weeks ago, we had lunch at the Calgary Tower in the revolving restaurant. We hadn’t been up the Tower for a few years and it has been a much longer time since we actually ate there. The occasion was Steven’s completion of his post-secondary program at SAIT where he has just completed his Diploma in Information Technology: Computer Systems. He did very well with a graduating GPA of over 3.9 – we are very proud of him! It was a great day and we had a fine meal, completing almost 2 full laps while we enjoyed lunch. Notice the tomfoolery in the photo – just because you’ve got your diploma, doesn’t mean that you can’t give your sister rabbit ears for the photo. And, yes, in each of the other three pictures I took somebody has a wild-eyed crazy look – some things just never change…

This image, which captures a panorama from almost straight west to towards the NE, is a stitch of 3 images that I took after lunch, compare this to the view to the north from a visit to the Tower in 2008. What a difference 9 years makes. The Bow building is now complete and has been occupied for several years, the new Brookfield place is largely complete and Telus Sky is well underway. While the exterior of Brookfield is complete, you can see straight through the glass of the floors that are at the same level as the Calgary Tower, apparently the interior is being left unfinished to save on costs while the downtown vacancy rate remains around 25% for office towers. Telus Sky is more than 20 floors now (its the building with yellow hoarding) and is supposed to be complete next year.

This view is to the SW – looking out towards where our house is located. In theory you should be able to see our house, because we can see the tower from our master bedroom window. However, you’d need a much better camera than a Galaxy S6!

While I was doing some sorting of the digital photos, I found a set of scans that my dad had made of his slides. I thought these pictures might be interesting to post:

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