15 Jul 2011 01:41 pm

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Rafting the Bow

It’s a beautiful day after a few rainy days and we are on the Bow River – rafting with Uncle Brian. Steven, Mark and Alyssa headed out with me and we met Brian at Ft Calgary. We dropped our van off then drove to Bowness park to launch the zodiac.

We’ve just got on the river and here are the first couple of pictures.





UPDATE: Sunday the 17th.

Here is a map of the route we took down the river:

We were on the water sometime before 1:30pm from Bowness Park and out of the river about 4:20 at the confluence of the Elbow and the Bow. We covered about 18 km in that 3 hours.  Compared to other trips down the Bow in previous years, that is really fast. Usually we have done the river later in the summer and that distance would take about 5 hours. The Bow was still pretty high and turbid with spring runoff, lots of the little islands (gravel bars, really) were under water.  In particular, the big gravel bar at the Elbow wasn’t there and the water was moving fast – we nearly overshot our landing spot, which would have been a pain!

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