21 Apr 2012 07:50 pm

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First Motorbike Ride

Not for me, though.  A friend just picked up his new Triumph Thruxton today in Calgary.  Mark came in from out of town by shuttle bus and I met him at the drop-off and gave him a ride to the dealer.  Sean and his son met us there, too. 
It was really busy at the dealer since today was just about the first nice Saturday this spring. The staff was pretty busy. Mark needed to get some gear – riding pants and boots plus a tank bag to allow him to get his shoes home! Once that was done, he got keys for his new bike, put the plate on had the salesman give him the “care and feeding” speech. Then we were ready to go – well, ready once we retrieved Sean and Jordan from the Tim Horton’s across the street…

So we headed out for a ride – Mark’s first in quite a few years (14 I think he said since he last had a bike).  We headed east out of town and all had a nice lunch together at the Station in Strathmore.  Already we are thinking about how to arrange a little road trip! After lunch we took a few hero shots in the parking lot and then headed for home.

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