21 Jun 2012 09:17 am

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Does this Look Like the Zoo!?

We have a nice sitting area on our lower deck – sheltered from the elements with the main deck above and in a little nook. There is a short railing and a little flower bed with hanging baskets above. We’ve got a couple of chairs and a bistro table there – it’s a great spot to sit and have a coffee.

Ma Robin (not yet named by Alyssa!) thinks so too. The last couple of years we’ve had robins nest on the upper deck, but this year the nest is on the direct vent outlet for the basement gas fireplace. With some of the cool weather we’ve had this spring, I hadn’t yet turned the pilot light off so the vent is actually quite warm. Fortunately, we haven’t turned the fireplace on any of the recent evenings! So, in the interest of not making hard-boiled robin’s eggs, I turned the pilot light off and took a few pictures.

On the front step, we had a bit of a concern earlier this week when something seemed to have spooked Amanda (… or Amanduck, as the boys have started saying! … How can a man-duck be laying eggs?? … har, har, har!). Anyway, the nest was unattended for most of Tuesday night and we were a bit concerned that it might be abandoned. However, Amanda was back Wednesday morning – a little jumpier than normal, but back on the nest. We were all a bit relieved – we’re looking forward to seeing ducklings in about a week or so.

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