15 Mar 2013 06:37 am

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No this isn’t a post about a family excursion to the badlands of Drumheller, but it is about family members doing bad things.

Dave and I were on our way out to go for dinner and I had made supper for the kids. I put all my culinary skills, finely honed in university, into action.  I opened a couple of cans of Alphaghetti – a delightful two food-group meal for the mewing maws of the hordes.

They obviously were impressed with the meal as a raucous game of sponge ball ensued with one of the orbs of torment bouncing off of Alyssa’s head and into her steaming bowl of delicious noodles and rouge sauce.

You can imagine the mess! Before I could scold the miscreants for their misdeed, the food had a mind of its own and boldly in red and white showed them the error of their ways.

I guess you really are what you eat no matter what land you are in.


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