30 Sep 2007 03:13 pm

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Why a blog?

Not because I really want one for myself. Well I kind of do, but I just know that I would never really sit down and write sensible or interesting things very often. The best I can actually manage is to write up an annual Christmas letter about what is going on with the family and post that on our website.

So, why the blog then? It interests me enough to want to know how to put one together and, especially, how to host it myself. I’m not terribly keen on the idea of placing my data in the hands of some corporation with a privacy policy that likely suits their needs over my own. So blogspot and it’s kin were out from the get-go. Even facebook leaves me a bit cold, probably due to my advanced age. That left the host it myself approach of WordPress, but even then, with no real likelihood of regular updates it seemed a little pointless.

But wait, I built a website for our friends Joan and Roger that I’ve been hosting. The updates to that site are done by me whenever Joan is able to email me an update, but it is a slow process and it is one way communication. Joan and Roger never get any feedback. So what could be a better answer than a blog?

But first I need to figure out how to make it all work; hosting, administering, updating – all of that stuff. So that is what this blog is for.

Aren’t you glad you asked?

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