21 Sep 2017 10:35 pm

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Chloe 2011 – 2017


b. 2 January 2011 Calgary, AB, Canada

d. 21 September 2017 Calgary, AB, Canada

We are deeply saddened as a family today as our wonderful Frenchie is no longer with us.

Mark and Brenda first saw Chloe at a pet store in Calgary. They had gone in on a whim while doing some other shopping and within a day we had a new member of the family. Chloe was full of fun, loved to have her belly rubbed and had no tolerance for animals intruding into her television. All chew toys were “birds”, as far as she was concerned, and life was rarely better than when there was a sunbeam to sleep in. Chloe’s final illness was sudden and unexpected – we are all reeling from the loss.

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