18 Mar 2008 08:00 pm

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Rock Tumbling

Me and my dad have been spending the last few weeks doing some rock tumbling. Well we actually started about a year ago but the drive belt broke and it did not get fixed for a long time. It was very fun doing this project. It was especially fun to take out the rocks on their final stage, they looked so cool! Here are some pictures.

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  1. Gramps on 21 Mar 2008 at 12:27 pm #

    Good Job, Steve. Sorry it took so long to see results. I know that
    the basement development got in the way of being able to stay with the drawn out tumbling procedure. I would suggest that you do a final session, before polishing, of several days in 1200 grade grit. That will give you a better finished product. Way to go Buddy,
    next thing you know you will want to take on the more serious
    aspects of being a lapidariest. Keep up the good work!!

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