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07 Jul 2009

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Salmon Arm

Salmon Arm

Today was a full day, but not a lot of memorable vacation moments accrued.  Yesterday we did a bunch of prep for the holiday and I cleaned up the van so that it would at least start out neat and tidy.  Today we finished up the packing and did all the last minute things around the house – drank the last of the milk and ate up leftovers, mowed the lawn (thanks, Steve!), watered the plants and so on.

We hit the road about 2:00pm and by 2:03, Brenda and Alyssa had conspired with Tim Horton’s to begin returning the van to it’s natural state by purchasing a blueberry-filled, powdered-sugar donut.  The spotless exterior then joined the interior in the quest to maximize entropy by attracting a rainstorm less than an hour later…

The driving was good, Tuesday afternoon and evening is pretty quiet on the highway.  We had a little picnic supper just before Golden at the Kicking Horse River rest area.  From there it was straight through to Salmon Arm, we had just enough daylight to go for a little walk as a family and then the kids got a little dose of TV in the hotel room before turning in.

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