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29 Jul 2009

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3 Brother’s Road Trip

3 Brother’s Road Trip

For my birthday this year, my brother-in-law Barry invited me to go on a motorbike ride to the Ponoka Vintage Motorcycle Rally along with his brother Ronny.  “Sounds good”, I thought, and the plans were made to be in Ponoka on the weekend of 25 & 26 July.

Except that, a couple of days before the event, Ronny had to cancel.  Since there were three registrations bought and paid for, we had to find another brother, and fast!  So we decided that the sensible thing to do would be to promote Brenda to Honorary Brother.  The ceremony was quick and fairly painless.

Brenda’s Mom and Dad were available to look after the kids, so away we went on our bikes early Saturday morning.  We met Barry in Innisfail and then had a big brunch at a restaurant in Red Deer.  We finally rolled into the Ponoka Stampede grounds just after noon.  A little too late to join the poker run, but that was OK, since the day was hot (32 °C) and that gave us plenty of time to check out the vintage bike show and shine, to ride down the road and see the classic car show and shine, and, most importantly to check into our hotel and cool off in the pool!

We had a fantastic steak dinner and then afterwards there was an “Engine Blow-up” 50/50 contest where some guy ran a poor old 2-stroke dirt bike at fulll throttle until the engine quit.   For $3 you could buy a ticket and guess how long the engine would run – some guy won $80 with his guess of 41 seconds.  I missed by miles, guessing 33 minutes.

Many of the motorcyclists attending the rally just stayed in tents at the stampede grounds, but we wimped out and stayed at the local Super 8.  However, we looked pretty smart about 5:00 am when there was a mighty crash of thunder and the skies opened up with a deluge of rain.  Thunder is definitely the sound of money well spend on indoor accommodations!  The rain lasted until just before we had to head back to the grounds for the mega-pancake-and-sausage breakfast.  The rest of the day was mixed sun and clouds with no more rain to be seen.

Brenda and I headed back home by late morning on the Sunday to relieve Opa and Oma – it was a great trip.  It was Brenda’s first real road trip and we covered about 500km in all.

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