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07 Apr 2012

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Easter Breakfasts

Easter Breakfasts

I’ve been encouraged by Dave to write my own blog-post about stuff. Funny, ask me to get up in front of a group of people and I’ll trample whoever is in my way to get to the stage. Ask me to write something for the masses and I’m looking for a sharp stick. So, here I am with my first blog post. So what does one write? I’m sure it should be something terribly profound, witty, maybe even something of an epiphany. Sorry, not this time. Instead, it will be about food, family and fun – in the words of Julie Andrews, “a few of my favorite things”.

So it’s Easter weekend and we don’t have the responsibility of cooking a big Easter meal but we do have time for leisurely breakfasts with the kids, instead of the gobble and go of school day mornings.

I love the perceptions the kids have about how they think things should be done to celebrate special occasions. On the weekends we do the standard fare of pancakes, waffles, muffins, bacon and sausage patties. Not all at once but you get the drift. So how do you Easterfy brekkie?

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