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27 Mar 2015

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Spring in Banff

Finally, I spotted the first robin of the year! Spring must be here. So, where’s the best place to celebrate such a momentus occasion? Why Banff of course! To prove it here is what our car registered at the outdoor temperature on the road to Banff.



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17 Mar 2015

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Gerup the yard!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

image This is what appeared for dinner today.  It’s is hard to imagine how the Irish survived prior to the invention of green food colouring!  Everything looked like it should have a slight minty flavour, but thankfully it did not. I do have to say that green rice is oddly mind-bending.  For dessert, I think that Brenda has found a recipe for home-made “Shamrock Shakes”, that has got to be an improvement over the green-tinged dinner.

cnps2015And, of course, in other news – today is my license plate game anniversary.  As you surely recall, I began the noble quest on St Paddy’s Day back in 2003.  Sadly, I have to report that the pace of progress remains woefully slow.  This year ended at plate 865, only 46 new plates seen in the last 12 months.  I definitely have settled to a new lower level of plates spotted per month ever since my commute has switched to public transit. The 4-digit plates haven’t helped, particularly as they make up the majority of plates now. At this rate, you can look forward to about 3 more annual updates!


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13 Mar 2015

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Pizza and Movie Night

image Friday is our usual pizza dinner and movie with the kids evening.  Back in Chestermere, we quite often would buy pizza, either at the local Domino’s (which was actually quite good) or we would buy the 4-pack of Costco pizzas.  Now, though, the local pizza places are kind of expensive and the drive to Domino’s is more hassle than it’s worth.

So, lately Brenda has been making pizza dough in the bread machine and then we create our own pizzas with as much pepperoni as we want.  Tonight Alyssa has been helping to punch down the dough, form it and add the toppings.  This is Bobby, the sauce guy.  I am sure he will be delicious.

Especially with all that pepperoni.

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